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With the ever changing outpatient market, we are seeing more and more shifts of procedures into the ambulatory arena.  This is happening at a rapid place for the world of Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Vascular procedures.  AXIOM has assisted various organizations with either creating just an Office Based Lab (OBL) for these procedures, or an ASC/OBL hybrid.  We can oversee the project as it relates to licensure phases, consultation and selection of an experienced healthcare architectural firm, design consultation, equipment assessment and working with your equipment planner, opening the facility, obtaining Accreditation and Medicare Certification.
By choosing AXIOM, the organization will have the expertise of people who have had hands on experience in establishing these type of facilities. This cohesiveness brings all the functions together and creates a winning team. Some of the areas include:

  • Maintain regulatory compliance (State and Federal)
  • Policy and procedure development and implementation
  • Governance establishment
  • Credentialing of LIPs
  • Vendor selection assistance
  • Inventory control systems assistance
  • Ancillary services contracting
  • Evaluation and Implementation of ASC software systems
  • Benchmarking like centers
  • Payroll consultation and vendor selection
  • Accounts payable management vendor selection
  • Billing/collections vendor vetting

Currently, and in years to come, ambulatory surgery will be the primary resource for many surgical procedures. Our program allows the owners/decision makers to maintain full control of their OBL/ASC without taking an ownership stake in the project.  AXIOM’s role is customized to the needs of each organization, which allows the entity to choose the type of services it requires.