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Additonal Services

Architectural / Design Planning

One of the initial phases of planning is the design phase. AXIOM not only has the knowledge with respect to AIA regulations, NFPA guidelines, State Licensure regulations, but we have the experience and have assisted in the design phase of many facilities. It is imperative that early in the planning, we assist in the design to make sure all regulatory and accreditation standards are being met. AXIOM over the years has built relationships with many qualified healthcare architects and planners as well. We are happy to provide these vendors as references to our clients.


Credentialing Services

Over the years, we have found that healthcare organizations have the best intentions for making sure their Physicians and Licensed Independent Practitioners are truly competent. But what we’ve found is that most organizations don’t meet the standards established by the accrediting bodies. That’s where AXIOM can help. Credentialing is extremely time consuming and labor intensive, which can become overwhelming for any organization. We have extensive experience in the nuances of credentialing.  We will assist you in either training your staff in-house to perform this function, or to work with a Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) to make sure the standards are met.  

Our services include:

  • Full Credentialing and Re-credentialing services for all of your providers. 
  • Creating initial application documents
  • Creating delineations of privileges
  • Gathering all documented required per State and Accreditation Standards
  • Establishing/completing applications for National Practitioner Data Bank accounts
  • Establishing/completing applications for AMA profile accounts
  • Processing all initial and reappointment applications
  • Maintaining documents such as Licensure, DEA’s, malpractice insurance and other documents which may expire. 
  • Complete primary source verifications (as needed)

NOTE:  much of this can be done remotely with the final product being emailed to you. 

  • On-site assessments of current credentialing process (including review of applications, privileges, approved procedure list, etc)
  • Review and implementation of credentialing policies & procedures
  • Training courses for staff and leadership on the credentialing process
  • Assessment of current processes as it relates to Licensed Independent Practitioners/Allied Health credentialing, and identifying areas for improvement
  • Audits of existing Licensed Independent Practitioners/Allied Health files
  • Assisting the organization on a consulting basis by providing outsourced credentialing services


We can assist you with all of your credentialing needs.

Equipment Planning

Healthcare Staffing Agency Certification

With the ever changing healthcare enviroments, many staffing agencies are being required/requested to become accretited. As organizations make the choice on which agency they will contract with , having one that is accredited allows the organization to know that certain parameters are already met and in line with their own regulatory requirements. AXIOM has assisted a number of staffing agencies in obtaining accreditation. 

Human Resources

As a small business owner or facility, many times the human resource function is handled by a management position. Maybe even someone who has no experience in this area. Yet one of the highest areas for risk, is human resources. AXIOM over the years has built relationships with many vendors who operate in the human resource arena. Including, Payroll companies, insurance agents, to 401K managers and legal representation. We have had the opportunity to screen those vendors that we feel provide an exceptional service. 

Laboratory (Point-of-Care) Testing

Organizations that choose to perform “waived” laboratory tests on site, must comply with certain Federal, State, as well as TJC, AAAASF, AAAHC or other accrediting body requirements.

Areas included in this service are:

  • Completion of CLIA Waiver Application
  • Review, develop and implement laboratory policies & procedures to meet Federal, State, CLIA and accrediting body requirements.
  • Training courses for staff and leaders
  • Competency Testing for Staff
  • On-site assessments and audits of current laboratory processes (Waived Testing)

Pharmacy and medication management are continually changing in the ambulatory care/surgery center market. With the expansion of services offered in an ASC or an OBS, organizations must strive to provide a safe environment to their patients in regards to medication management (MM). Medication/Pharmacy management plays a significant role in this component.

AXIOM can assist you by:

  • Review and implementation of pharmacy/medication management policies & procedures
  • Training courses for staff and leaders
  • Competency Testing for Staff
  • On-site assessments and audits of current medication management process (including review of inventory, narcotic records, and federal requirements (DEA), etc)
  • Assisting the organization on a consulting basis by providing outsourced pharmacy consulting services

More Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Administrator Mentoring/Management Oversight
  • Equipment Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Administrative
  • Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QA/PI)
  • Operating Room (OR) set-up