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Our Team


Monica L. Daniel, Principal:

Monica has been in healthcare for over 20 years. Her expertise lies with the operational and regulatory aspects of organizations, primarily ambulatory surgery, and physician practice management. Monica is originally from South Dakota where she attended South Dakota State University. She has been an Administrator for a number of Ambulatory Surgery Centers as well as V.P. of Operations, managed numerous physician practices from inception and consulted for large hospital organizations. She has been published in Outpatient Care Technology “SurgiCenter Partnership realizes significant ROI using AdvantX Software Billing/Management System”, and HealthIS Update “Surgical Center Sews-it-up with success” Volume one-2002. Monica has also lectured for a number of healthcare groups on various topics from HIPAA, ASC and Office-Based Accreditation and CMS certification.  Monica has also provided educational seminars to the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association of Illinois on topics such as Accreditation readiness and Infection Control Best Practices.  

In House Staff:

Axiom retains of staff of experienced Consultants and associates who assist throughout the entire accreditation process. Most have extensive service in the field and are knowledgeable about all aspects of what it takes to run a facility. Additionally, we have personnel on staff to handle various needs of a non-medical nature, such as dashboard development and maintenance, statistical analysis, and forms development.