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Each State establishes certain criteria and requirements (rules and regulations) for licensure. AXIOM’s program is designed to assist the organization in preparation for the licensure survey. In some instances, this includes the architectural component as well as the nursing component.

Our program consists of:

  • Developing and implementing Policies and Procedures that meet your State’s licensure rules and regulations. AXIOM believes in customizing these to fit your organization not just a set of boiler plate policies and procedures
  • Implementing tools to comply with monitoring, tracking, benchmarking, performance improvement and various other forms required for licensure
  • Completion of the application for state licensure and submission of supporting documentation as necessary
  • Working with architects and other consultants to coordinate services such as assisting in the design and layout of the facility
  • Create credentialing protocols, perform credentialing function (if needed) and train staff on credentialing procedures
  • Inservice and education of staff and leadership
  • Formation of organizational structure and governance
  • Direct and coordinate organizations meetings – Quality, Medical Executive and Board (leadership)
  • Evaluation of staffing requirements, staffing needs, and human resource functions
  • Completing both State and Federal applications as required for certain operational aspects (CLIA, DEA, etc.)

We have found that many organizations find the need to use consulting services to obtain licensure, not because they cannot complete the licensure process themselves, but rather to help expedite the process through established methods. Let AXIOM help your organization get licensed today!!